About Us

Every Child Belongs in a family.

Families give us the best chance at being loved, having support, and achieving success. Unfortunately, many kids in our community don’t have that opportunity. That's why we're working to stabilize vulnerable families at risk of disruption, recruiting great foster families for seasons of transition, and recruiting adoptive families to open their hearts and homes when needed.  
What we do: ● We recruit foster/adoptive families.● We find and develop support for foster/adoptive families.● We directly advocate for kids waiting for adoption. ● We serve vulnerable kids and families.
How we do it:● Help local churches build culture and initiatives that serve vulnerable kids and families.● Resource churches and their families to be successful in ministering. ● Recruit more churches to get involved.
We believe the local church is not only called but also uniquely equipped to accomplish all of these initiatives. That's why we are working to inspire local churches to action and resourcing them for this work.

Teams Are Mobilized

Through community-focused frameworks and localized team training, you'll be equipped to find loving families for kids who desperately need them.

Families Are Resourced

You will have all the resources you'll need to provide deliberate and graceful support to all families that dedicate their lives to help vulnerable kids.

Kids Are Restored

You will see kids begin to experience the love they deserve and live out Gods purpose for their life because they are a part of a loving, caring, and supportive family.

Our Team


Mark Reidland




Chelsea Reidland

Advocacy Director



Rachel Neal

Advocacy Coordinator



Barbara McMahon

Finance & HR Director



Ashley Chambers

Media Coordinator



Allie Lamb

CarePortal Director