Hope Now

Hope Now is an initiative that empowers local churches to find forever families for waiting children in their local community. 


Have you ever met someone you knew you'd be friends with the moment you met them? That's what it's like meeting 10-year-old Max. He's fun-loving, warm, and will most certainly make you laugh at some point. He loves basketball, football, and his brothers. Max is ready to find his forever family. Maybe that's you or someone you know! 


Jeffery is full of life and joy! He is a sweet 12-year-old boy that will add love to any family. He loves superheroes, swimming, and playing outside. Jeffery would love a mom and dad that can be patient with him and support his needs. Please help us find him forever family! 


Kamoria is a bubbly and upbeat 16-year-old girl that is full of love and laughter. She has big dreams of going to college and one day working with animals. She's ready to have a family to call her own that will love and support her in ways only a family can. 


Luke is a sharp 17-year-old young man that loves technology. He is looking forward to college and trying to decide between social work or studying law. He likes to keep things simple and approaches life logically. He wants a family so that he can have the support and stability he needs to feel loved and be successful. 


Ava is a bright, positive, and confident 13-year-old girl. She loves horses and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. She's ready for a mom and dad that will love her and help her have what she calls a more normal life.